Digital Consulting and Advising

Do you find it difficult to navigate software and marketing offerings for your business?

We want you to feel confident and safe when making digital decisions. TRUST was founded because we saw a need to offer no-nonsense consulting, research, and guidance in a way that was easy to understand and replicate. Our clients can rest easy knowing that they have been equipped with the skills to make great digital decisions for their businesses.

What is Digital Consulting?


As business owners, we know you are constantly bombarded with emails, offers, trade show deals, and spam phone calls. All of them appear to offer you the solution to all of your business needs. To be blunt, we know you have been taken for a ride and we do not want that to happen again.

We work directly with your team to understand your business and develop researched knowledgeable suggestions. We then work together to develop a framework of rules for any new purchases or changes to how your business makes digital decisions.

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How to make Good Digital Decisions


Good Products and Services should define specifically what their benefits are over the competition. Make sure that any purchase clearly defines those and that you understand how those benefits will directly affect your business.

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Money is not the only cost in business. There are many expenses like time and effort that are often overlooked when making a major purchase. As a business owner, you have to know if your existing structure can afford the potential burden of an additional purchase and integration.


One question people forget to ask when they are excited about something new is, "How will this benefit me?" Make sure you fully understand how any new purchase will create a real-world benefit for your business.

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Digital Consulting gives an edge.

Small businesses have to be nimble, smart, and knowledgeable to survive in the digital shift. 

We provide you with the real-world skills you need to operate and grow your business without the confusing jargon and sleight of hand that has become the norm in the marketing industry. 

Our goal is to make smarter, well-equipped digital decision-makers.


Let our knowledge and skill design your website & grow your business!

Getting Started

We start by interviewing you and your team to go over how your business works. Our goal is to gain an understanding of your business values, decision-making process, and the direction you want to take your business.

Moving Forward

After we have an understanding of your business we work with you to develop a mentorship and training program based on your current needs and growth plan for your business. We are with you every step of the way.

Wrapping Up

As we develop the program and conduct hands-on learning we consistently check in to make sure knowledge is retained by you and your staff. We will develop a "best practices" program that is designed to keep your business moving forward.

What people say about us

Sam made it easy for us to get up and running with the website we needed. He was honest, and pushed back when it was beneficial for our business. I don't think we would be in the position we are today if it weren't for him.

Judy L.
WHITL Woodworking

We had no idea where to start. Sam came in and explained everything to us in a language we understand. He is always there when we need something done. We really appreciate everything he's done for our business.

Carl R.
Nonprofit Manager