E-commerce Development

Are you ready to sell to your customers online but have questions about how to get started?

Starting e-commerce can be daunting but we have the practical experience to help guide you through from setup, flow and your first sale to inventory management and developing integrated procedures. We understand what it takes to succeed in e-commerce.

Why E-commerce?


While yes, selling online through e-commerce can bring unique issues to the forefront it is the primary means by which small businesses are competing against larger retailers.

E-commerce can be incredibly valuable to small businesses looking to differentiate themselves. 

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You have an awesome product. Great! You can sell it. Awesome! How will an employee sell it? How do they get people to buy it? Consistent branding can help your business grow by developing a narrative that you, your employees, and your customers can follow to advocate for your business.

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Buyers today aren't the same as twenty years ago. They want to buy from businesses that match their values. Your job is to craft a message that gives your brand a voice that appeals to as many people as possible while retaining its honesty. People want to purchase from businesses that stand for something.


With consistent messaging and branding, your customers can know you as a brand and feel comfortable recommending you to others. The reason word-of-mouth advertising works is because of its individual nature. Branding's goal is to give your business an individual nature to give customers confidence.

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Be an Innovator.

Why is Google the biggest search engine in the world? 

They invested in branding early. Go on any computer or look at any home connectivity device and you can immediately tell which company it came from. Investing in branding your business gives your customers the security of knowing that you are established and know what you're doing. It can even allow you to compete with bigger brands. 


Let our knowledge and skill design your website & grow your business!

Getting Started

We start off by interviewing you and going over how your business works. The goal is to identify your message and core story so that we can work with you to develop an image that is true to your values and consistent. We need to be able to tell the story of what makes you unique so that we can help you tell that story to your customers.

Moving Forward

We then develop a plan of action hand in hand with you, your business, and your associates. We work to make sure we have a deep understanding of your organization. We then work with you to create and develop the story and create visual branding that will then be used across your advertising, media, website, letterhead, etc. 

Wrapping Up

Your story is always evolving. That's why we will work with your organization to continue to develop and grow your branding through marketing new media and developing the core story and message as it evolves. We want to be with you every step of the way and help your business achieve even greater levels of success.

What people say about us

Sam made it easy for us to get up and running with the website we needed. He was honest, and pushed back when it was beneficial for our business. I don't think we would be in the position we are today if it weren't for him.

Judy L.
WHITL Woodworking

We had no idea where to start. Sam came in and explained everything to us in a language we understand. He is always there when we need something done. We really appreciate everything he's done for our business.

Carl R.
Nonprofit Manager