Project Includes

Informational Website

Interactive Builder

E-Commerce Expansion Capability

2018 Design Standards

The Project will include one SEO optimized informational website complete with blogging capabilities, owner update customization, an interactive building creator and will be built to expand into an e-commerce website if requested in the future. Essentially, this means that the website will be built with current TRUST optimization standards to be searchable by search engines such as Google to increase traffic to the website. The website owner (you) will have the capability to change most homepage content easily through a administrative interface. An e-commerce creator will also be integrated to give the ability for front end users the ability to customize their building colors before ordering with you. You'll also be able to keep your customers up to date with an integrated blogging platform. Your website will also be built to modern design standards to ensure you're putting your best foot forward and looking good for years to come.

Defined Terms:

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • E-Commerce - Electronic Commerce

Process & Tech

Optimized Servering

Built on WordPress to last

Speed & Security Option

Your website will be built on hardcore dreamhost servers to be compliant with all current severing protocols. It'll be set up the correct way for you so you can focus on your business instead of technical nuance. I build 99% of my websites on WordPress CMS because it's reliable, trainable and stable. You'll also get cloudflare services to help with mobile page load speeds and can opt into VPS Hosting and Maintained security for added speed and protection.

My Process:

  • Create a development URL & set up SSL certification
    • So you can see what we're making
    • It's compliant with browser security standards.
  • Setup PHP and JS versioning and setup cloudflare integration
    • Creating the technology your state of the art site is going to work on.
  • Setup WordPress CMS environment and essential software.
    • We'll use WordPress as our backend for updating the site appearance.
  • Develop CSS / HTML / PHP  / JavaScript templates
    • We'll develop a unique look and feel for your business
    • Your customers get a consistent idea of what you're about
  • Design website according to your branding scheme
    • Make your business look great!
    • Help you develop a branding standard all your own
  • Software integration
    • We'll integrate your 'METAL BUILDING CUSTOMIZER' and check compliance
    • Design of the customization of building templates based on the material you provide 
  • Backend Development
    • Create an interface for you to perform some visual updates on your site so you can make it your own!
    • Setup accesses and limitations for you and your staff
    • Setup a monitoring process for site uptime
  • Testing
    • I make sure things work right
  • Training
    • I make sure you can operate your new website
  • Launch
    • We transfer SSL cert and domain or remove the coming soon mask and launch your new website.

Pricing Breakdown & Promise

I promise you'll LOVE your site. 

I also feel terrible about putting you off while I was sick so I'm reducing my base fee from $5,000 to $2500

You'll have the ability to see what I'm doing from start of design to finish. There's no surprises. Just don't micromanage. 

All I ask is that my clients don't think of me as a pair of smart hands but rather, a professional, knowledgeable expert who will design according to changing industry standards and to work in your best interest. 


  • Basic Server Conditioning, SEO and Design - $2500
  • Extra Integration of Software & Design -$750

This includes 40 hours of total design & development work that should be within the scope of this project. Additional hours are billed individually at a cost of $150. 

An initial payment of $1500 is required for software purchasing & good faith.

Each site also has an associated monthly maintenance fee of $50 that can include basic hosting. To include VPS Servering & Wordfence Security the cost is $90, $80 for VPS only. 

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