There are some great local web developers out there! But one thing I've noticed when dealing with smaller, local web developers is their tendency to either be design or content heavy.

Web Development is a dance between these two elements. If your developer can't or won't create interesting and engaging content or visual content that doesn't make you want to run then you might want to look at a different developer.

One important question you need to be asking is what is the purpose?  What is the purpose of my website?  What is my purpose in having this on the site?  A lot of times due to a lack of content developers will put in nonsense items or multiple links to different areas without reason.  For example, if I have an area on my homepage talking about practices with a link to practices in the "about" section of my page, there isn't a reason to have another button or link (if designed correctly) there unless it ties back in a different way.  If there's also a business history on the about page and you post a short blurb on the home page with a "read more" link to the "about" section.

It may seem complicated reading it but you don't have to be a developer or designer to recognize a bad website.  Go to and see what you think.  You may not know why but you probably recognize that this isn't the greatest website.

Websites are expensive.  Your designer or developer should at least do you the courtesy of making sure it's good.


Things your developer should be doing:

  • Having or assisting you to write content about your business for the site or.
  • Providing a professional content developer to help you write your content.
  • Get your input before developing or beginning design work on the site.
  • You need to have a good idea of what you're getting before the site launches.
  • Asking you what the purpose of this website is.

These are obviously just very basic needs.  If you need help dealing with a bad developer or have web development questions please feel free to fill-in the contact form below:

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