Carlin Insurance

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Carlin Insurance needed a way to generate leads from forms that provided the company with the most information about the client’s specific needs. What we provided was a top of the line site with SEO contact forms that provided that input. We also developed a contact strategy to get info from leads who didn’t want …

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Shirley Layton for Texas Senate

A friend asked me for advice in helping her launch her campaign. After we spoke she’d decided to have me help build her site. Unlike most of my projects, this site is maintained by her team. I had to make something that would look good even if I wasn’t the one editing it.  

Website for Metal Building Company

Project Includes Informational Website Interactive Builder E-Commerce Expansion Capability 2018 Design Standards The Project will include one SEO optimized informational website complete with blogging capabilities, owner update customization, an interactive building creator and will be built to expand into an e-commerce website if requested in the future. Essentially, this means that the website will be …

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Texas Helps

Abilene Helps is an ongoing, personal project to create a local database of nonprofits. Version 2.0 will turn each entry into a fully functional, single page website complete with the nonprofit’s branding.

Indivisible Abilene

Indivisible Abilene is a multi purpose site that updated with their Facebook marketing. I was able to provide a solution that not only integrated with Facebook but also created a multi level user blogging interface too.